Who we are

We chose this name because it fully reflects our point of view, the way in which we interpret our professionalism and we offer our services. LIFE LIKE LUXURY REAL ESTATE constantly work alongside its customers with the firm conviction that the real estate offers that we propose are fundamentally related to the indefinable magic of this meeting: the perfect home is not simply chosen by its owner, but calls to itself, in the uniqueness It characterizes it, who is intended to make it their own.


connotes strictly our offer, located in an exclusive range of real estate market, one of the residences and properties of merit. The sophistication, the art, the history of an exclusive residence are not definable with another word, interpenetrating in a unique atmosphere that only in this place, in the whole world, we can see, breathe, live.


It reminds us of the precious relationship with our lives, our experience: the choice of a prestigious building belongs to the broader context of a rich, full life, in which the search for well-being concretized our conscious attitude of attention to the quality and style of living, the quality of our relationships and our interests. It is a feel good that you build, day after day, in a dimension of openness and curiosity about the richness of life.


is the “how ” , the element that allows the conjunction between the exclusive quality of luxury and our personal sphere . LIKE it is also what we like , it is an active position , careful and responsible , choice and selection of what’s good for us . It is the passion that drives us toward our goals , personal taste that manifests our original position in the world .


Lifelike Finally , it means concreteness, meeting, between desires , objectives and concrete implementation of projects that closely concern ourselves and our lifestyle. Life Like Luxury is the brainchild of its owner , Ing . Alberto La Morgia , to create a Studio Immobiliare able to propose , to a selected national and international clientele , a real estate brokerage service and luxury real estate in particular , the broadest possible professional .


To this end the Ing. The Morgia leverages its experience gained in over thirty years of work in the areas of professional services, Public Administration and Public Works, having held the roles of designer, Director of Works, RUP, Quality Controller, Technical Consultant in the judiciary, Technical Consultant Banks, Corporations and private. Moreover, in November 2013 Ing. The Morgia was elected President of FIAP (Italian Federation of Professional Estate Agents) in the Province of Pescara, after having served as Vice- President of the Federation from 2012. Besides the Studio Life Like Luxury Immobiliare benefits from the expertise of professionals, businesses, consultants, employees of technical, legal and tax and estate agents, so you get the right synergy for the application of a methodology for problem solving. All such professional aspects Eng. The Morgia adds and integrates considerable experience of personal growth paths, through the application of a methodology of real estate counseling, which distinguishes Life Like Luxury Real Estate in the national and international scene. In this context it could not miss even a focus on helping relationship, which also characterizes Life Like Luxury, which company with a sensitivity to the social, via the link Project Humanity.